Vlisco re-branding
In 2017 I lead the Vlisco re-branding project. Whilst Vlisco fabrics speak for themselves, the identity itself was somewhat lacking in vibrancy and it was agreed that the graphic language could be richer and more in line with the characteristics of Vlisco.
The Didot font was replaced by a font called Bagnard which was customised to become Vlisco Bagnard. It’s a font that embodies the strong, feminine and always surprising Vlisco woman. Take note of the quirky ‘f’ and ‘g’ with their exaggerated swirls contrasted by triangular serifs. Three new brand patterns were created for use on non-seasonal communication and work with halftones which is an important characteristic of the wax-printing process.
I created and maintained the Vlisco Brand Manual and was responsible for creating toolkits for internal use in the Netherlands and West Africa, to ensure consistent brand implementation. Inhouse stationery and online internal templates were updated to the new style, new care instructions were made and a loyalty program was introduced. What a project!